2 artículos sobre Apple

Ambos están en inglés, pero son bastante recomendables. El primero habla sobre cómo Apple ha guardado el secreto del iPhone. Se rumoreaba mucho de que iba a sacar un iPhone pero nunca supimos exactamente como iba a quedar, sus características, su pantalla multi-táctil. Han sabido guardar bajo llave el secreto. De hecho, lo mismo sucede con casi todos sus productos. Para lograr esto han puesto cláusulas muy duras de confidencialidad, trabajaban con fakes del iPhone cuando se reunían con Cingular, a Google y Yahoo les daban fakes del diseño del software e incluso con los propios miembros del equipo de Apple. De hecho las tres compañías no vieron el prototipo hasta algunas pocas semanas / días antes de la keynote.

Y el segundo es una entrevista sobre Steve Jobs y Apple que le han hecho a Alan Deutschman, autor de “The Second Coming of Steve Jobs”. Hablando sobre Cisco y su demanda:

Well, Steve Jobs has tremendous chutzpah, and that is not a word that everyone in America might know or understand these days, but it is a word that Steve Jobs has always known and loved throughout his career, according to colleagues who have worked closely with him. The man has, to use another phrase, the man has cojones. He goes forward with his vision, and he is not always the most cautious person of things that might get in his way. At this point, even if they have to change the name, if it has to be the Apple Phone or the iPod Deluxe or something, they’ve already had the front page of The New York Times and the front page of every business section and TV coverage, but Steve Jobs’ brinkmanship doesn’t surprise me. It is something that he has practiced repeatedly over the course of his career.

Y su respuesta a esta otra pregunta, me parece que tiene mucha razón. El marketing y el diseño influye mucho, más allá de las características de un producto. Aunque eso de que el Palm Treo tiene el 80% de las características del iPhone… depende de a cuánta importancia des a cada característica.

Mac Greer: Let me get your thoughts on an interesting comment I read by Dave Hamilton, the co-publisher of an Apple news website called The Mac Observer. He was talking about Jobs and the iPhone, and he said that about 80% of the iPhone’s features that Jobs talked about are available on a Palm Treo, but he went on to say, and this is a quote, “Jobs is so good at standing on a stage and making you think he invented it.” Do you agree with that?

Alan Deutschman: Oh absolutely, and Jobs has done this before. There were handheld portable MP3 audio players before the iPod. Jobs did several things, and people in the technology field with a technocratic engineering mindset often miss the importance of what Jobs does. One, he improves the user interface, and even small improvements in user interface can make a huge difference for consumers.

Two, he makes it an event. He has Macworld, which is a pilgrimage. It is the Mecca for the creative class. He makes it into an event that is anticipated for months ahead. The media needs an event as something that qualifies as news that they can cover, and they like a personality, and they like a narrative, a story, and Steve creates all that.

And then the third thing is consumer products are, they are about trends, they are about fashion, they are about brand names. A lot of people make running shoes or make blue jeans or handbags, but still it makes a difference whether you are buying Nike or Levis or Prada. Those in the fashion and consumer world, people don’t say, “But we made handbags first.”