La ironía de los chicos de Engadget, lo mejor de la keynote

Es lo que más me gustó de la keynote de Apple del martes, la ironía de Joshua al retransmitir el evento de Apple. Lo estuve siguiendo con el chat con varios amigos, y entre los comentarios de cualquiera de los 3, pasé un rato muy bueno riéndome a carcajada limpia. Algunas frases:

10:19 PM Diego: pobre steve, menos ipods y q alguien le saque un cochinillo q se esta quedando en los huesos
me: jajajajaja, sip, esta delgado delgado igual q el ipod ese
10:20 PM jajajaja
Diego: jajajaja, va cn los ipods, adelgazando en consonancia xD

10:28AM “We’ve also got some new in-ear headphones. They ship with 3 earbuds, and they’ve got 2 drivers each, a woofer and tweeter — they’re going to sell for $79.” Ooh, what a bargain… that’s knocking the price up a bit.

10:33AM “The receiver is built in, you just need the transmitter for your shoe.” Big cheers for that one. Now he’s going on about Genius again… okay Steve we get it, we’ll never have to think about music ever again. Steve clearly never made a mixtape for a girlfriend.

10:33AM “And of course… the App Store. I’m pleased to announce that users have downloaded 100 million apps….” Yeah, 99 million were total crap.

10:34AM “Today is only the 60th day the store has been open. Right on the iPod touch. There are about 700 games on the App Store, some of them are getting pretty fantastic.” Ah yes, fantastic Sudoku!

10:36AM “It’s pretty nice.” “I can make playlists on the touch. Let me go to movies, let me remind you how great it is.” Oh yeah, we’d forgotten how good that looks. Thanks.

10:39AM Diego: coño, el phill este se ha comido a steve!

10:47AM Touch with games played on it, lots of games. Ah we get it… look out Nintendo. That’s basically an ad for a gaming device. They’re going for the throat here.

Sobre la keynote no hay mucho comentario, Genius hace lo mismo que hace desde hace tiempo. Dejadle un mes y funcionará tan bien como lo hace ahora mismo.