Do NOT use Admin panels to add/edit user generated content

There is a trend on most frameworks to have an admin panel to easily add and edit content. For example the Django admin site, the RoR admin site or the Symfony admin site.

However I really do not recommend it for startups that have user generated content. The reason is simple. You want to have the best interface to add and edit content on your website, so the best way to improve it is to use it day after day. If you add/edit information through the Admin panel instead of using the website like the rest of users, you will not discover usability issues, speed issues and bugs.

On our case in TouristEye we have currently 2 people who oversee and improve the places and travel tours that users create. They are the daily and constant voice of the usability issues we face, the speed issues we suffer or the bugs we left behind. As they are using the website all day (the rest of us are coding), they are the first people to notice those issues.

Of course, you should have an Admin site with your main KPIs, and an easy way to find content to improve, trending content, flags that users send, etc. But remember, always use the website to add and edit the user generated content.